The City's plan to demolish the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts and develop 58 acres of land along the False Creek waterfront will be going to Vancouver City Council on January 31. Unveiled on Wednesday, the Northeast False Creek Plan is a blueprint for growth on the last major undeveloped area on the False Creek waterfront. The loss of the viaducts will flower a new neighbourhood replete with mixed-use development, green space, and public amenities, including a sweeping social housing component.

Site overview, image via City of Vancouver

The 174-page document and accompanying website provides an expansive 20-year look at a post-viaduct waterfront that could become home to 12,000 people, including 3,250 residents across 1,800 new social housing units. The road network would be completely overhauled, with a two-way extension of West Georgia Street feeding into a two-way Pacific Boulevard.

Approximately 1.8 million square feet of commercial space will be injected into the district — some of that new retail will be included at the foot of multiple highrises, with a tall cluster of buildings centred around Georgia and Pacific. A conceptual proposal for a tower at the edge of BC Place has already made headlines, and Concord Pacific has unveiled their own plans for the neighbourhood.

Built form sub areas, image via City of Vancouver

A look at the plan's urban design section shows a site divided into four development areas. Sub-area 6B (Plaza of Nations) seeks 1.8 million square feet of new residential and non-residential uses — storefronts lining Pacific Boulevard, terraced green roofs abound, and "diversity of architecture" are some of the policy highlights.

Sub-area 6B sketch, image via City of Vancouver

Sub-area 6C puts the landing of Georgia Street into focus, framing the space with the two tallest buildings in the district, rising to roughly 130 metres. Over two million square feet of mixed-use space would also be provided alongside an expanded Creekside Park.

Sub-area 6C sketch, image via City of Vancouver

Sub-area 10C focuses on the retention of BC Place as an area anchor. One of the key urban design principles of the Northeast False Creek Plan is to retain views of the stadium wherever possible.

Sub-area 10C sketch, image via City of Vancouver

Finally, sub-area 6D envisions a redevelopment of two blocks to the east and west of Main Street as a way of reconnecting Main Street, Chinatown and the communities south. The City is targeting 300 units of social housing in these locations, and a mix of shops, restaurants and amenities "that support the life and culture of Chinatown."

Sub-area 6D sketch, image via City of Vancouver

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