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BURNABY | Lumina Brentwood | 4 Towers | 23 - 39 S

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Jan 21, 2017
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The Thind Properties development, initially of three highrise towers ranging from 28 to 39 storeys on five acres facing Beta Avenue, and a fourth tower on Alpha Avenue, will add almost 1,000 suites and townhouses to a cumulative six-acre site located about a seven-minute walk from the Brentwood SkyTrain station.

The ambitious all-residential development will replace an area of low-level industrial offices with a highly livable complex that includes an indoor-outdoor open space podium above an underground parking area.

The podium will also serve as the base for a great hall dining and lounge area with landscaping that will lead the eye to the parkland beyond, he said. On the podium will be space for barbecues for the residents, plus room for garden plots where homeowners can tend their vegetable gardens.

The nature theme has also been incorporated into the design of the first tower, dubbed Waterfall because of a three-storey-high structure of mullioned panels and blue-tinted glass adjoining the lobby over which water will continually flow, he said. In later phases, some of the 61 townhouses will have rooftop spaces that will access the podium.

The first tower has a mix of different-sized suites unusual in the area five years ago, he said. Waterfall has a total of 67 studios, 65 one-bedroom-and dens, 131 two-bedrooms, seven two-bedroom-and-dens, 17 three-bedroom units and two three-bedroom-and-den homes.