After a Public Hearing that lasted 2 days, having listened to over 60 speakers and receiving over 200 letters of support (vs. less than half of that number of letters opposed), Vancouver City Council approved a rezoning application for 1st and Clarke, a project by BC Housing, Vancouver Coastal Health, and the City of Vancouver, at 1636 Clark Drive and 1321-1395 East 1st Avenue. Designed by HDR|CEI Architecture Associates Inc., the project will bring spaces for social enterprises, a drug withdrawal management centre, and social housing. 

May 2018 Rendering, image by HDR | CEI Architecture Associates

Initial rezoning application was submitted in May 2018 and called for a social enterprise space, a withdrawal management centre operated with up to 20 transitional units, 97 social housing units, a floor area of 131,234 sq. ft., building height of 100 ft. on Clark Drive and 65 ft. on McLean Drive as well as 39 car and 100 bicycle parking spaces. After a heated open house and several public consultations, the team behind the project submitted a revised application in August 2018.

August 2018 Rendering, image by HDR | CEI Architecture Associates

The revised application included a reduction of social housing to 90 units, floor area increase to 140,620 sq. ft., changes in building height to 120 ft. along Clark Drive and 69 ft. on McLean Drive, an increase in car parking up to 81 spaces, and a reduction in bike parking to 89 spaces.

Along East 1st Avenue, image by HDR | CEI Architecture Associates

Other changes include a widening of the rooftop garden to 110 feet to decrease the shadowing of neighbouring sites, an additional floor added to the tower along Clark Drive to compensate for area lost by the widened garden, increased building setbacks along Clark and McLean Drives, and changes to the pedestrian entrance at 1st Avenue. 

May 2018 Landscaping Plan, image by HDR | CEI Architecture Associates

The images above (May 2018) and below (August 2018) are indicative of the development of the design scheme over time. 

August 2018 Landscaping Plan, image by HDR | CEI Architecture Associates

With the most recent changes, it is hoped by the developer and the City that in time, the new development will become a broadly accepted part of the neighbourhood. 

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