Ten weeks since our last update, and Bold Properties' recently red-emblazoned Synchro has begun to make a statement. Designed by Ankenman Marchand Architects, the 5-storey, 29-unit mid-rise condo at Broadway and Main is truly a standout project, its bright red, corrugated metal cladding bringing a splash of colour to the neighbourhood. 

Synchro, vibrant colour scheme, image by Forum contributor Roundabout

Starting at $1.6 million, the 29 units at 379 E Broadway do not come cheap, the central location - close to amenities, transit, and False Creek - combining to make this a premiere address. Situated as well on the future path of the Broadway Subway, the project will enable commuters to travel to and from work and other destinations with ease. 

Synchro, close-up view, image by Forum contributor City of Rain

Featuring a mix of corrugated steel, and multi-coloured glass spandrel, Synchro will be a colourful addition to the hodgepodge of commercial buildings that currently define much of the local streetscape. The use of setbacks along both sides of the structure, will allow for multiple terraces and generous balconies. 

Synchro, rear view, image by Forum contributor City of Rain

Around back, Synchro continues with the use of setbacks, making way for additional outdoor space. Designed to be minimalistic, the completed Synchro will feature an efficient use of space indoors and out, allowing residents to make the most of city living. 

SkyriseVancouver will be sure to return to this project as progress continues. For more information, check out the associated Database file and Forum thread, and as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below. 

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