$3 billion has been pledged by the Federal and Provincial Governments to go towards funding two high-profile transit projects in and around Vancouver. The Broadway Subway project and the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Light Rail project will go forward as planned, adding a combined 16 km of new track to the existing light rail network.  

SkyTrain tracks wending into the distance, image by Flickr user PoYang via Creative Commons

The Broadway Subway will add 5.7km of tunnelled light rail spread across six stations beneath the Broadway corridor. An expansion of the Millennium Line SkyTrain, the subterranean expansion will form a much-needed rapid transit connection through the core. 

Broadway Subway (orange), system map, image via City of Vancouver

Further afield, the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT project will represent the first street-level LRT project in BC. The suburban commuter extensions will total 10.5km of track spread across three separate lines, and 11 new stations. Phase 1 will bring service to both Guildford and Newton, while Phase 2 will see Surrey connected to Langley City Centre.

Surrey LRT, system map, image via City of Surrey

The Federal Government will provide $1.37 billion, while the Provincial Government will contribute $1.82 billion, leaving the City of Surrey to add another $1.23 billion for a grand total of $4.4 billion in funding. The Broadway Subway will be able to move 5,100 more passengers per hour, per direction, representing a 250% increase over and above the present bus capacity. For Surrey, the LRT project will be even more transformative, carrying commuters from one end of the line to the other in just 27 minutes. 

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