Central Presbyterian's dense new home is nearing completion at Thurlow and Pendrell Streets, where a 22-storey rental building surmounts the contemporary place of worship. Bosa Properties obtained rezoning for the property in 2014, and retained Henriquez Partners Architects to design the glassy volume, which is now fully clad.

The Henriquez Partners'-designed project is nearly completed, image by Forum contributor City Of Rain

The development contains 168 market rental housing units and 45 non-market rental units, supplemented by commercial retail space. The church occupies the lower three floors of the building and is entered at the northeastern corner of the site. A cleared section of glazing outlines the entrance as a visible invitation to the community.

The new building at 1155 Thurlow, image by Forum contributor City Of Rain

The chapel is located at the northwestern corner of the property and bears an equal height to that of the neighbouring 'Oliver' apartment complex. The church elevator shaft protrudes from the tower to provide visual interest and animate the public realm. 

Multicoloured glazing characterizes the base, image by Forum contributor City Of Rain

The most eye-catching architectural embellishment of the project belongs to the multicoloured glazing wrapping around the base. Original renderings showed a purely forest green aesthetic topped by landscaping. With the crane dismantled and only a few pieces of cladding left to install, the building's exterior is mostly complete.

The last few glazing panels await installation, image by Forum contributor City Of Rain

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