The ten-block reconstruction of Granville Street reinvigorated the multi-modal corridor with integrated street furniture, landscaping, new paving and public art, widened sidewalks, and flex parking spaces. The $21 million project was among the most extensive streetscape upgrades the City had ever undertaken in its core. Construction began on December 2008 at Drake Street and was completed the following year, and since then, the edges of the street have ushered in sweeping changes of their own.

Granville from Davie in March 2009, image by Flickr user AE Creations via Creative Commons

The image above from March 2009 looks north on Granville Street from Davie Street, showing the chaotic construction scene that would soon develop into a complete street. Nearly a decade later, the street's mid-rise addresses inherited a host of changes.

The Howard Johnson Hotel was given a facelift that included replacing all exterior finishes. A new curved glass canopy succeeded the outdated row of awnings that had previously sheltered the sidewalk. A little further down, BlueSky Properties erected The Standard at 1142 Granville Street, replacing most of the preexisting surface parking lot with a nine-storey rental property.

Granville Street in 2017, image retrieved from Google Street View

Directly across from The Standard stood the majestic St. Helen's Hotel, which was growing more derelict by the day. The 1900s-era building at 1161 Granville Street was acquired by BC Housing and given an extensive retrofit that was completed in 2010. 

In the far background and now partially obscuring Scotia Tower is the 43-storey Capitol Residences by Bingham + Hill Architects, which was just beginning its vertical journey in 2009.  

Granville Street in 2017, image retrieved from Google Street View

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