A dirt patch in North Vancouver has been dug out in advance of vertical construction for a new residential development by Anthem Properties. Situated at 177 West 3rd Street in Lower Lonsdale, the five-storey 3rd and Chesterfield project is positioning itself as a convenient venue within an amenity-rich neighbourhood packed to the rafters with independent shops and restaurants. 

3rd and Chesterfield, image via Anthem Properties

The Rositch Hemphill Architects-designed development will have approximately 10,000 square feet of retail at grade. A watercolour rendering of the project shows expansive balconies protruding from the profile of the building, with what appears to be a wood canopy extending from the roofline. 

Excavation at the Lower Lonsdale site, image by Forum contributor City Of Rain

So far, construction has delegated crews underground, where the excavated lot will soon give rise to a parking garage. Recent photos by Forum contributor City Of Rain show heavy machinery continuing to shovel earth out of the site. Soon, a foundation will be laid and a tower crane will be erected, signalling the start of the building's ascent.

Excavation nears its end, image by Forum contributor City Of Rain

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