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Joyce–Collingwood Station Upgrade


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Apr 24, 2007
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From SSP:

Waders;7942840 said:
The new Joyce station east station house is now open.:cheers:

Pictures I took today.

New elevator at platform

New up/down escalator

A little bit of art display

Fare gates


More space on the other side

East station house entrance and plaza area

Seat outside the entrance

Seating area at plaza

Escalator viewed from outside

East station house viewed from a different angle

Black escalator enclosure.
urbancanadian;7943050 said:
Thanks for posting, it looks fantastic! In person it almost feels like being in a new upscale retail store before they add the shelves/clothes/etc. Great execution of materials. The tiles up on the platform level look really outdated now.

Here are a couple of my pics from last night: