Commercial-Broadway Station Upgrades

Commercial-Broadway Station has been going through extensive upgrades. From the Translink Website:

  • new east platform serving westbound Expo Line trains
  • new pedestrian walkway over Broadway, connecting the platform to the Millennium Line platforms and the westbound 99 B-Line stop
  • permanent queuing system and bus shelter for the 99 B-Line stop.
  • widening of the walkway that provides access to the north station platforms (Platforms 1 and 2)
  • two new elevators
  • four new up and down escalators
  • expanded Broadway concourse
  • widened Broadway entrances to the Broadway Station
  • new retail spaces in Broadway Station
  • replacement of mesh panels with glazed panels at platform level
  • new lighting design to respond to specific conditions in the station
  • fare gate and Compass Card implementation
  • new bike storage room that will accommodate 70+ bikes

Address British Columbia
Category Transit
Status Pre-Construction

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